Friday, May 13, 2011


Unfortunately I did not get a chance to toast the rest of the cast and crew for "Toothbrush," which wrapped early this week, but right now I'm drinking some grenache I got at wholesale price (YUP!) and saying, CHEERS TO THE MOST FUN, PRO, AND RIDICULOUS FILM SHOOT POSSIBLE! Yes we stayed in a mansion in Dedham that used to belong to one of Whitey Bulger's hitmen. Yes we ate a lot of cookies. Yes we went to bed at 5 or 6am every day. Yes I purposely rode a bicycle into a moving car. Yes everyone was not only AWESOME but super talented and kicked @#$ with their various jobs. Yes you need to see this movie when it is finished. There's nothing hotter than functioning, breathing, moving collaboration. Miss it already. Tear.

PS it's Friday the 13th! Be sure to howl at the moon.

ALSO - can't wait for the new Pirates of the Caribbean! Totally going to the midnight premier.

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