Monday, August 15, 2011

Trailers for Theater?!?! Heck yes!

So here at the Theater at Monmouth, we have some pretty skillful people who like to make promotional videos (I'm talking about you, Steph Garrett and Janet McWilliams!).  Here, take a second to see the gorgeous compilations they have created for the shows that I have been privileged to be a part of this summer:

First is King Lear - arguably Shakespeare's masterpiece tragedy, a king that gives away his crown and loses his mind, and finds himself again much too late.

Next, we have the video for Much Ado About Nothing - a Shakespearean love story with two of the sassiest, wittiest lovers of all time...Margaret and Borachio!  Just kidding.  Our production is set in post-WWII Italy and features lots of kissing and dancing.

And last but not least, clips from Blythe Spirit - a Noel Coward comedy about ghosts and marriage, dry as a martini and delicious as a cucumber sandwich.  We all get to do some pretty ridiculous antics and have loads of fun.

What a crazy fun summer!  It's been a privilege working with such a talented, professional company.  We've done deep tragedy and pratfalls, British accents, swing dancing, and slow motion stage combat.  Thank you all ;)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amadama, and Other New Things

Some firsts for me this summer in Maine:

  • Haddock chowder (yum!)
  • driving an automatic without knowing where I'm going
  • getting into a splashing fight in a lake with a 10 year old I've never met before
  • knee-boarding on a lake behind a boat (arm workout!)
  • drinking Mount Gay and tonic - thank you, Paul Bernardo
  • setting some lyrics I wrote to actual music - thank you, Ambien Mitchell
  • wearing a corset on stage
  • participating in an after-show audience talk back - as a part of the cast
  • lobster rolls!
  • pumpkin woopie pies (or "mumpkin woopies")
  • being trusted with a really awesome package at a theater where no one knew me...thank you TAM!
  • finally admitting to myself that not only am I horrible at playing all games, be they monopoly or croquet or foosball, but I am a horrible loser.  Sigh.
  • being really happy that I was wrong and misjudged some people initially
  • trying Amadama bread - molasses and oat, homemade by Caroline's grandma's secret recipe - mmm!
  • doing summer repertory theater!
  • holding a baby rabbit (oh so squishy!)
  • NOT getting into trouble with the cops for being in a closed park at midnight - thanks, green eyes ;)
  • having male roommates (not so weird after all! xoxo Clenton and Menich)
  • being in Maine!
  • seeing Acadia National Park - a lifelong goal, I am so glad it happened and can't wait to go back
  • doing changeovers from one set to another in between shows
  • listening to Mumford and Sons - love them!
  • joining the Equity Membership Candidacy program
  • crying over some really nice cards I got on opening night
  • realizing that it's not just ok that everything changes in life, it's awesome!
  • you know what universe, I'm ok with the fact that I spend all of my money on food and wine
  • eating fiddleheads, which are neither fiddles nor heads but instead a fern-like vegetable
  • having worlds collide (people from different parts of my life meeting each other) and it being not awkward at all and in fact delightful
  • realizing that my moods can effect other people and they deserve the best and most thoughtful treatment no matter how cranky I happen to be for no reason, and that taking ownership of my behavior is part of being an adult
  • having lobster cooked at home
  • having men cook lobster for me at home
  • having men cook lots of really tasty meals for me
  • learning that even if I can function alright without adequate sleep for a little while, I CANNOT function without adequate food.  I'll never be able to starve myself, and I am perfectly happy about that.
  • hearing the call of a loon...they sound super jacked...
  • watching an established artistic director retire with grace and humor
  • getting to be the comic relief in a comedy that's already freaking hilarious
  • getting to wear a CHAIN MAIL CROWN regularly (thanks Helen!)
  • playing a window screen as if it was a musical instrument, with positive results
  • learning some pretty dirty jokes and some pretty silly ones - thanks Xei and Max and David
  • being ok with moving on to the next phase of my life, whatever that proves to be
I can't believe we only have 9 days left in the summer company of the Theater at Monmouth, the Official Shakespeare Theater of Maine's 2011's been mon-umental!  (Get it?)  As New York City looms ever nearer in my horizons and I prepare to get back to the grind, my heart is filled with gratitude for having spent my summer among such fantastic, enjoyable, talented, and professional people.  It's been a turning point for me and I can't wait to see what's up next!