Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013

My Daddy taught me that real men are fathers to every child in the world; that women were capable of anything, that my mother is my best friend, to trust my gut, think all the time, eat pasta (but not too much), imagine, find humor in everything, champion beauty and loveliness, work smart, fight for what's right, do what's fair, have panache, listen to the Holy Spirit, respect children, value loyalty, listen to beautiful music and watch beautiful films, make meatballs, wear a pantsuit, kick ass and take names, and relish the *$&% out of life. Even when I sometimes fumble in applying the lessons he's taught me, I feel strong and loved because he took the time to be not just a Father, but a Daddy. Dads (and future Dads), your impact matters SO MUCH.