Saturday, December 15, 2012


Our babies, our best and brightest and most beautiful humans, you whose eyes and minds are full of wonder and raw feeling, new thought and discovery - our babies, the ones who we ought to live for, you who quicken our steps and make us make it through the day - you, babies, you deserve a world better than this one: a world that deserves you. You, sweet things, are too good for us. We could not ask for more perfect creatures for the world. How can there be horrors in your world, the world you better by touching it, the world that ought to protect you? We fail you. We old ones ought to be your big brothers and sisters, your mothers and fathers when your real mothers and fathers are not nearby. We ought to keep you safe. We fail you time and time again. And there is nothing that can be said to justify it. Nothing can explain it. We fail.

Stop the violence. Give them back their world. Love one another.