Saturday, November 27, 2010

No Place Like New York for the Holidays!

It's been an incredibly amazing, busy season for me! Now follows the info-blast-overload that I have been neglecting for weeks.

This month I signed with new representation - Archer King Ltd., with what looks like the beginnings of a beautiful friendship - and was invited to my first appearance as a finalist at The Actors Studio (brushing up my French accent and getting lots of butterflies in my stomach).

On top of that, I did my first background work, kick-started a comedy group tentatively named "Blood Pasties", and continued developing "Desire In Motion" - an innovative new physical performance piece ( I also did my first sketch comedy with Spare Change Theater - whew! Loads of fun.

AND Dec. 3, Occam Repertory Theater's one-act equity showcase I am blessed to participate in is opening: the "Suburban Motel" series by George F. Walker. Would love to see your faces there! Details are listed in this article:

Meanwhile, "Love Me Tender" has continued to show internationally, climbing to 20 festival premieres and winning "Best Short Film" at Mile High Horror Film Festival in Denver, CO. I had the opportunity to attend the closing screening at FirstGlance Festival in Philadelphia along with Director Matthew Morgenthaler and costars Max Rueben and Ben Levin and we had a blast! Literally ate our way through Philly. At FirstGlance, "Love Me Tender" won the award for "Best Cinematography." I am so jazzed at how well this film is doing, it's truly a great piece of work and I am honored to be a part of it. Check it out at

Back at the ranch, we had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I got to be the one who brings the wine - one of my favorite jobs - and the Christmas music has been playing non-stop ever since. Truly, so much to be thankful for as I am overwhelmed with amazing new projects, roles, friends, neighbors and coworkers. Not so starving for a starving artist. Right now all I can see is fullness.