Sunday, January 22, 2012


Inspiration becomes a solid, smoldering idea.  The idea becomes a need.  The need becomes a collaboration.  The collaboration becomes a pursuit.  Consultation.  Pitching.

Fundraising.  Crowds of supporters come out of the woodwork, from sometimes surprising and always humbling and amazing places.  Concept building.  Casting.  Booking space.  Finding a theater.  Weeks of rehearsal.  More collaboration.  Evolution.  Hiring support.  Volunteers.  Building a website.  Finalizing the script.  Organizing tickets.  Trying on costumes.  Buying snacks.  Tech week.  Light cues.  Dress rehearsal.  Speed through.

What's different about this opening day?  What's special about this particular showtime, for me?

That first inspiration, that little idea that became a need - it was my need, my idea.  It met a partner, Larissa Dzegar, and evolved to something better when our ideas and needs mixed.  Our ideas together became a pursuit that both of us just HAD to see brought to life.  We made this show out of the raw materials of our own selves and what we could reach in the world around us, joined by other artists, supported by an astounding number and caliber of people who believed in us and our project.  Today, when the audience walks into Space on White, it will be because Larissa and I wanted it to happen, because the universe supported our venture.  And because, of course, God is good.

The Body Stories is a dream come true for me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for letting me tell this story, for putting this show on the stage, for acting, for showtime.  Now I can say, "I am Jeanne Joe Perrone - an actress, a writer, a producer, an art maker, and a director.  I am a creator of The Body Stories.  My dreams come to life."


  1. Write that down, and post it somewhere you'll see it every single day: "MY DREAMS COME TO LIFE"

    And not only to they come to life, but as they come alive, they contain the seeds to become even more, even bigger, even better. I really do think 'The Body Stories' has tremendous potential!

  2. This is amazing. I cried. i can't believe I only read it today. I feel so the same way. And I love you to pieces.

    I am so proud of our show.

  3. Thank you ladies! Suzette, it was SO special having one of my oldest friends at our world premiere. Thank you for trekking all the way from Boston!! Love you!

    Larissa, I am still in shock about how AMAZING and how WONDERFUl and how IMPORTANT our show is, and how well it went. I am so blessed to have you as a partner. Love you too!!!