Saturday, April 16, 2011

"What's past is prologue; what to come, is yours and my discharge." - 12th Night

Friends, Romans, Countrymen....I am thrilled to share the news that I am cast in The Theater At Monmouth, The Shakespeare of Maine's 2011 Season!!! This means I get to pack my bags and bid farewell to the sweltering summer city in exchange for repertory madness, a serene lakeside, intense ensemble bonding, and LOBSTER!! (In my mind, the state of Maine = eating lobster everyday and hobnobbing with the characters from "Sarah Plain and Tall" and "Arcadia" at the supermarket.)

You guys, I am so excited. The first play I ever saw in my life was The Merchant of Venice at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. At the time my family lived 2 hours from the festival and my mom and her longtime best friend decided to take the kids for a daytrip. I was 5, and while people tried to discourage my mom from taking such a tiny tot to the theater she decided to ignore them and treat us all to an incredible theater experience. And the crazy part is, I actually remember the scene where Antonio rips his jacket open for the "pound of flesh" scene. It was like a 1940s version and there were trench-coats and streetlamps and I was breathless, awake, and addicted. Ever since, I have wanted to act in Shakespeare. And my mom and I went back to visit the Oregon Shakespeare Festival every summer ever since. Even since moving to New York, we've managed to fit in a trip there once a year to see at least one excellent play. It's been probably the most consistent and long-term relationship I've ever had, haha.

And now I get to do it, not just watch! My track is Cordelia in King Lear, Margaret in Much Ado About Nothing (also a 1940s interpretation - crazy!), and Edith the maid in Blythe Spirit. That means I get to range from tragedy to comedy, Shakespeare to Coward, lead to supporting, comic relief to dramatic motivation. A true crash course in the classics! (Although I already have a great foundation thanks to the excellent teaching of Louis Colaianni, our Classics professor at The Actors Studio Drama School). It's artistic director David Greenham's final season with TAM, and I get the privilege of working with him as a director.

This is such a gift from God, let me tell you - a lifelong aspiration of mine to become a Shakespearean actor is beginning to unfold, and it is happening in one of the most beautiful, restful, gorgeous spots in the country imaginable. I CAN'T WAIT to dive in, rest, grow, work, play, brush up my Shakespeare, learn the workings of repertory, set up, tear down, and eat LOBSTER constantly. Basically I get to combine being a working actor with living at summer camp with some of the nicest seasoned professionals from around the country. I'll get to learn SO MUCH. How could this be any better?

A hope fulfilled is strength to the bones...or does that proverb go?

So if you're in Maine this summer, come see a show!!


  1. Hi Jeanne Joe,

    It's great to see you're doing what you love and so well at that.

    We acted together in My Fair Lady. Your mom would give me rides with you guys to rehearsals and sometimes I would give you a ride there. I played Freddie's Mum-Mrs. Einsford-Hill.

    Best Wishes to you.
    Robene Wheeler

  2. P.S. My boyfriend's name is Sly and I think his name is @ the top of the comments because of what I had to click to post them. Sorry for the confusion.