Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It's been announced! Next film project for me will be "Toothbrush" - an existential, random adventure that follows Ernest in the hunt for his missing (you guessed it) toothbrush. I get to play Joan, the film's only female - described as a "foxy sociopath." CAN'T WAIT! And super excited to collaborate with GuyManly productions, get going on rehearsals and generally unleash my inner foxy sociopath. Shouldn't be too much of a stretch...no?

Meanwhile, NYC is springing up and showering down in the month of April. Yesterday was so gorgeous I started packing away my winter coats - so if there's another blizzard, you can totally blame me. What can I say. Right now I am one eager beaver with cabin fever. All I want is to wear shorts and ride a bicycle down the Hudson bikepath, not stopping until I reach the Mason Dixon Line.*

It's one of those manic months. Whenever the seasons change, my life seems to explode. I'm rehearsing for 2 (yes, TWO) performances at the Actors Studio next week. One will go up in front of Estelle Parsons and I'm a little terrified. On top of that, working on my audition for membership at same studio. Also, I've been taking a film class at One on One with Brooklyn-based director Matthew Bonifacio - who is really generous and really articulate and generally awesome to learn with. Highly recommend it. AND auditioning/working the dayjobs. Ahh! Gotta love spring though - it's the season of conception and mayhem and new life. Who knows what will be born out of it all...

*May not be geographically possible.


  1. *Unless the bike is actually a pedal-powered flying machine ... ;)

    Good luck with the April insanity!!!

  2. Haha, where can I get one of those!?!?!? Do you know how to make it?