Friday, May 24, 2013

Momentum and Memorials

April showers bring May flowers, and the downpour can be my only excuse for neglecting this blog so long. April saw a boom of work for me both in and out of the entertainment industry, and on this rainy start of the Memorial Day Weekend Festivities, I am relishing the chance to slow down, hole up, catch my breath and gain some perspective for a minute.

me and my stunning prom date Larissa
April and early May saw one of my year-long goals accomplished, as I got to appear in a fantastic production of "12 Angry Jurors" with the AlphaNYC off-off broadway. My first episodic TV gig came through in the form of Mysteries at the Museum on the Travel Channel, and I had my first pilot reading with Brown Dog Productions. Whew! What an awesome month. I also got to attend the Private Theater's Prom, an epic fundraiser that knocked the socks off of all my previous prom experiences, even the year that I went with the Prom King. It's great to be busy in New York City.

In honor of our three-day weekend, our busy-ness, our heroes, our barbecues and our collective sigh of relief this weekend, I'd like to seize this moment to cherish the momentum that has picked up in my life and thank everything that came before that made it possible. Like our soldiers whose sacrifices have enabled us to live in freedom, our past experiences have created this moment for us to make the most of. Freedom isn't free, and opportunity is a responsibility. I certainly mean to make the most of my opportunities now, at this moment in my life, and not squander my freedom and youth. It is a great thing to be American, to be the recipient of all that came before - and it is also a job. I can't drop the ball now. The momentum has to keep flowing. I have to keep paying it forward. To remember and to honor and to move forward, creating - that is my Memorial Day Weekend plan and, if I can stick with it, my year plan.

Now off to movie nights, rooftop parties (if the rain stops), auditions, and frolicking in the Big Apple. And let's all remember to honor our men and women who didn't make it back to the land of opportunity.

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