Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amadama, and Other New Things

Some firsts for me this summer in Maine:

  • Haddock chowder (yum!)
  • driving an automatic without knowing where I'm going
  • getting into a splashing fight in a lake with a 10 year old I've never met before
  • knee-boarding on a lake behind a boat (arm workout!)
  • drinking Mount Gay and tonic - thank you, Paul Bernardo
  • setting some lyrics I wrote to actual music - thank you, Ambien Mitchell
  • wearing a corset on stage
  • participating in an after-show audience talk back - as a part of the cast
  • lobster rolls!
  • pumpkin woopie pies (or "mumpkin woopies")
  • being trusted with a really awesome package at a theater where no one knew me...thank you TAM!
  • finally admitting to myself that not only am I horrible at playing all games, be they monopoly or croquet or foosball, but I am a horrible loser.  Sigh.
  • being really happy that I was wrong and misjudged some people initially
  • trying Amadama bread - molasses and oat, homemade by Caroline's grandma's secret recipe - mmm!
  • doing summer repertory theater!
  • holding a baby rabbit (oh so squishy!)
  • NOT getting into trouble with the cops for being in a closed park at midnight - thanks, green eyes ;)
  • having male roommates (not so weird after all! xoxo Clenton and Menich)
  • being in Maine!
  • seeing Acadia National Park - a lifelong goal, I am so glad it happened and can't wait to go back
  • doing changeovers from one set to another in between shows
  • listening to Mumford and Sons - love them!
  • joining the Equity Membership Candidacy program
  • crying over some really nice cards I got on opening night
  • realizing that it's not just ok that everything changes in life, it's awesome!
  • you know what universe, I'm ok with the fact that I spend all of my money on food and wine
  • eating fiddleheads, which are neither fiddles nor heads but instead a fern-like vegetable
  • having worlds collide (people from different parts of my life meeting each other) and it being not awkward at all and in fact delightful
  • realizing that my moods can effect other people and they deserve the best and most thoughtful treatment no matter how cranky I happen to be for no reason, and that taking ownership of my behavior is part of being an adult
  • having lobster cooked at home
  • having men cook lobster for me at home
  • having men cook lots of really tasty meals for me
  • learning that even if I can function alright without adequate sleep for a little while, I CANNOT function without adequate food.  I'll never be able to starve myself, and I am perfectly happy about that.
  • hearing the call of a loon...they sound super jacked...
  • watching an established artistic director retire with grace and humor
  • getting to be the comic relief in a comedy that's already freaking hilarious
  • getting to wear a CHAIN MAIL CROWN regularly (thanks Helen!)
  • playing a window screen as if it was a musical instrument, with positive results
  • learning some pretty dirty jokes and some pretty silly ones - thanks Xei and Max and David
  • being ok with moving on to the next phase of my life, whatever that proves to be
I can't believe we only have 9 days left in the summer company of the Theater at Monmouth, the Official Shakespeare Theater of Maine's 2011's been mon-umental!  (Get it?)  As New York City looms ever nearer in my horizons and I prepare to get back to the grind, my heart is filled with gratitude for having spent my summer among such fantastic, enjoyable, talented, and professional people.  It's been a turning point for me and I can't wait to see what's up next!


  1. 1. I like Maine
    2. I like Blithe Spirit
    3. I like that Caroline can make gf bread
    4. I like your TAM friends
    5. I like YOU

  2. Thanks Suzette! It means so much to me that you came up to see my shows...and itt was FANTASTIC to see you ;)