Wednesday, July 13, 2011

GypsyJoe Goes for a Gypsy Jaunt

     Or, "Ode to Larissa"
Yup, this is Larissa.  Isn't she RIDICULOUS??
Larissa Dzegar is the host, creative director, CEO and spark behind the diverse and heartfelt blog "Thoughts Simply Arise." Among her many hats, she is a producing artist and performer of many bold and beautiful theater projects in New York City.  In her spare time she also manages to be an extremely talented baker, yogini and all around good egg.  A couple of weeks ago she caught me off guard with a startling, exciting and humbling idea.  "Hey Jeanne Joe", she said, "Wanna write a guest post for my super amazing shiny successful beautiful intelligent sassy and pertinent blog?  It can be about anything you want because for some crazy reason I trust you to come up with something that's not wildly inappropriate.  The world is your oyster."   
Ok those were not her exact words, but that is what I heard.  And what I said was, "Hellz yes!"  And what I came up with was an article called "Gunshy."   Today she has done me the tremendous honor of posting said article. You should go read it.  Right now.  And while you're over there at Larissa's blog, browse her many beautifully written articles, fall in love with her and become a fan.  
Thank you Larissa for letting GypsyJoe travel with you on your journey. You're an incredible artist, inspiring instigator, and generous woman. It is a decided pleasure to know you and collaborate with you.


  1. AMAZING!!!!! I am the honored one, and you are a beautiful writer! I'm your fan, and I'm so glad we got to collaborate here on blog world. Next step: let's take over the world.

    thank you for guest posting on my blog and for your extremely sweet words here. you. are. awesome.

    love and inspiration,



  2. Shucks woman. Love love love you!