Monday, March 7, 2011


Today I got the pleasure and boon of modeling with Teen Vogue's style editor Andrew Bevan for The Today Show! Teen Vogue put together a bonanza of a guide for "jeans to flatter every figure" (I'm the super tall redhead - not because I am actually that tall, but because the other girls were tiny and I wore 5 inch heels).

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I love the fact that they actually seemed to believe that I was a teenager (my birthday is next week and let's just say I've been a voter for quite some time) - AND I didn't even trip in those super high heels, haha!

It was so refreshing to be in the live TV environment, the hustle and bustle, lights, makeup and hair artists, various segment guests. The kindness and calm of Tara the producer, explaining the ropes to us and showing us where to stand, reminded me that even though I am still a newbie in this world it is for many people simply "business as usual." I was bumping into movie stars and real estate titans, security guards, fashionistas, and personal assistants. Boy oh boy, could I get used to that. And then I went out the door, away from Rockefeller Center, and walked downtown (so as to save money by NOT using the MTA).

I'm not on the Today Show every day, as you may have noticed, but it was an amazing morning and an inspiring reminder that professionalism, glamor, and hard work do sometimes align perfectly. Andrew Bevan, the stylish and savvy Teen Vogue editor interviewed in the segment, shared an adorable story before we went on. I hope he doesn't mind me repeating it here, I just thought it was great...He used to dream about being on The Today Show as a child, setting up stuffed animals to be interview guests in his basement and running his own version of the show. And there he was today, with Kathy Lee and Hoda, being interviewed. "If you can imagine it, you can do it!"

Now, with that in mind, time to get back to pounding the pavement! Thanks Funny Face Today for making this happen ;)

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